Career Opportunities With HAF

Are you passionate about community service? Do you want to help ensure that future generations of Hindu Americans live in a society where their traditions are respected? Want to join a cause that seeks to give voice to Hindus who are suffering around the world?

Director of Community Programs and Outreach

The position of Director of Community Programs and Outreach will: (1) further develop, oversee, and carry out HAF’s many community programs; (2) ensure program sustainability through community outreach and targeted fundraising; and (3) assess and meet the needs of local communities. The foundation is seeking an experienced team member who is an outgoing, highly energetic and excellent communicator who is willing to travel, seeking an opportunity to scale HAF’s current programming and carry forward their own vision for this critical role.

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Volunteer With HAF

Requirements & Application Process
  1. HAF requires all volunteers to be active members of HAF. If you are not sure whether your membership is active and to confirm that we have your updated contact details, please contact our Office Manager (202) 223-8222 or email office at hafsite dot org. To become a HAF member or to renew, please click on

  2. Send the following information to

    1. Your resume or CV as a word document or pdf file.

    2. A personal statement with the following:

      1. Two references (name, email, phone and in what capacity you know them) that we can contact to learn more about you and your potential for work with HAF. References may NOT be family members.

      2. Number of hours per week you can commit to HAF. Please be realistic. (i.e. 2 hours, 5 hours)

      3. Length of time you wish to volunteer. (i.e. 2 months, 6 months, 1 year)

      4. Describe your goals, skill set, background and interests as it relates to the HAF.  We will use this information to assist in finding a role both beneficial to you and HAF.

      5. Review the open roles below and list those role(s) that interest you.

  3. Within 2 weeks of submitting all of the information requested and becoming an HAF member, we will contact you about your application. As positions are in flux, the listing below may not reflect the most up-to-date information on positions available. HAF retains the right to not fill a position. HAF also retains the right to decline an applicant a particular position if he/she does not fall within the HAF's vision.


The following volunteer positions are currently open for application.

HAF Party Host

This is a one time (or more) event. The next time you have friends or family over, share the good work of HAF and encourage your friends to join the cause. HAF will send you a package including a DVD, print material, membership forms (with a return envelope) and access to an online PPT to share with friends. Be an ambassador for HAF and help build our membership from the comfort of your own home!
Required Time Commitment: The duration is up to you but the HAF presentation can take 30-60 minutes. Food costs would be on the host. A DVD player and computer are needed.
Skill Requirements: Friendliness and enthusiasm are keys to success.

Regional Membership Coordinator

Volunteers will be tasked with spreading the word about HAF - educating individuals in the volunteer's local community about the mission and work of HAF, and building support in the form of members and volunteers. Volunteers should consider ideas such as organizing HAF booths at local events, such as Diwali/Holi festivals or melas; contacting their local temple or Samaj membership to inform them of HAF.
Required Time Commitment: 2+ hours per week for at least one year
Skill Requirements: Fluency in English, experience with email, good understanding of HAF's work, basic understanding of Hinduism

Call Center Volunteer

Volunteers will make calls from their personal phones to HAF supporters about upcoming events, campaigns and membership and fundraising drives.
Required Time Commitment: 2+ hours per week, mostly in evenings and weekends, for at least 6 months
Skill Requirements: Fluency in English and ability to speak well over the phone. While not required, sales or telemarketing experience would be useful.

Legal Advisory Team Member

Join HAFLAT! - HAF's Legal Advisory Team. Lawyers will be informed of issues where input is needed, both as a legal professional and as a Hindu American. HAFLAT will guide HAF's legal activism.
Required Time Commitment: 2+ hour per month for at least 6 months
Skill Requirements: Must be a bar-certified attorney.

Database Compilation Assistant

As HAF increases its advocacy efforts, it needs to reach a larger number of Hindu American community members. The Hindu American database will allow the Foundation to connect with a broader audience and increase its outreach and visibility. Volunteers will be provided with guidelines and templates to conduct research.
Required Time Commitment: 2+ hours per week for at least 3 months
Skill Requirements: Familiarity with the Internet, MS Excel & Google spreadsheet
Additional Requirements: Must be based in the US

Media Writer

Individuals experienced in writing press releases and communicating with the media are needed to formulate press releases, editorials and brainstorm ideas for future stories for greater coverage.
Time Commitment: 3-5 hours weekly for at least one year
Skills needed: Prior press experience

Media Outreach Representative

Volunteers will be tasked with outreach to media, contacting journalists who cover issues and topics of interest to HAF. This work will require online research, data collection on spreadsheets, emailing, and some phone calling using a personal phone.
Time Commitment: 2+ hours weekly with daily email use, for at least 6 months
Skills needed: Familiarity with MS Excel, Google spreadsheet, and the Internet, and good writing skills

Media Watchdog

With HAF and issues of concern to HAF being mentioned frequently in blogs and other fora on the Internet, HAF requires a volunteer to regularly monitor select sites and promote HAF's viewpoint when needed.
Time Commitment: 2+ hours weekly, but with daily monitoring required given urgency of some media issues for at least 6 months.
Skills needed: Familiarity the internet and ability to write carefully if needed


Project Outreach Assistants

HAF has several projects under development. A Project Outreach Assistant would provide tactical assistance to an HAF Project Lead by conducting specific outreach and marketing of the project.
Time Commitment: 2+ hours weekly for at least 6 months
Skills needed: Familiarity the Internet, creativity, writing skills, and strategic thinking

Grant Writer

HAF is working on issues that may be eligible for grants from Foundations, individuals, and governments. A grant writer would be responsible for finding grants that HAF would be eligible for, writing a grant application in coordination with HAF staff, and following up on the application.
Time Commitment: 2+ hours weekly for at least 6 months
Skills needed: Experience with grant writing is required. Familiarity the Internet, creativity, writing skills, and strategic thinking are important.

HAF Campus Outreach Coordinator

This role involves increasing awareness of HAF and its work on college campuses. The goal would be to increase student participation in HAF, build partnerships between HAF and campus organizations, and to educate the campus community about HAF.
Time Commitment: 2+ hours weekly for the duration of the college year
Skills needed: Strategic thinking and outgoing personality. Ideally, a student would be best for this role, but faculty and other individuals in the campus community are eligible.