Your Dollars at Work: $12,000 of Grants Distributed to Bhutanese Americans

Namaste HAF Supporters -

In May, you helped us raise over $14,000 to support Bhutanese Hindu Americans in their resettlement process.

In June, we reviewed a number of applications from Bhutanese American organizations. We also used $2,000 to assist six Bhutanese American representatives in attending our annual DC Advocacy Days.

And last week, thanks to your generosity, we provided $12,000 in direct grants to nine organizations! The individual grant amounts were determined based on a number of factors including the amount of funding requested, the specific programs or events needing funding, and the overall organization’s need for funding.

  • Bhutanese Community in California: $2500 for organizing Durga puja and temple visits
  • Bhutanese Community of New Hampshire: $2500 for hosting a week long yagna
  • Bhutanese Community in Syracuse: $1800 for hosting citizenship classes, temple visits for elders, and Art of Living classes
  • Hindu-Buddhist Spiritual Center: $1500 for hosting yoga classes
  • Hindu Sanatan Parishad of Michigan: $1200 for funding of priests for Hindu festivals
  • Bhutan International Vedic Council America: $1000 for hosting yoga classes
  • Bhutanese Community Association of Pittsburgh: $500 for organizing Durga puja
  • CORD-USA: $500 for Bhutanese empowerment programs
  • Hindu American Community Services, Inc.: $500 for rent for community space for the Baltimore Bhutanese community

What’s next?

All the grantees are required to submit a report with an update of the activities funded by the end of the year. We will share excerpts, highlights, and pictures with you so you can continue to see the amazing impact of your donations.

As always, thank you for your generous support. Resettlement to a foreign land is fraught with challenges and struggles. Your donation to our grant program has helped in easing the transition for countless Bhutanese Hindu Americans.

Thank you!