HAF launches new podcast: That's So Hindu

Washington, DC (January 14, 2020) — Over the years HAF has appeared on many podcasts, but we’ve never had our own, until today…

THAT’S SO HINDU will bring you interviews with a wide swath of the contemporary Hindu community: entrepreneurs and activists, politicians and professors, journalists, entertainers, spiritual teachers, and more. We’re talking with them about how Hinduism shapes their work and lives.

In the first episode, HAF Managing Director Sheetal Shah talks with her Ashtanga yoga teacher of almost 10 years Eddie Stern about his journey into yoga and Hinduism, how he founded a Ganesh temple in Manhattan, and his hesitation about being called a yoga guru — even after three decades of teaching.

THAT’S SO HINDU is available to listen to on several leading podcast platforms. So pick your favorite and have a listen today:

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Oh, and please do leave us a review. It’s how podcasts grow and reach more people. We want as many people as possible to hear what HAF has to say.