Hindu American Youth Needed for HAF's Second Bullying Survey

HAF needs your help! We need Hindu American youth to take our survey on anti-Hindu bullying and bias in schools. Youth must be 11-24 years old to participate. No matter the amount of bullying or harassment you’ve experienced (even if it’s been none at all) please take this survey. All of your experiences are important parts of the picture.


The results of the survey will be published by HAF next year to help prevent and combat religion-based bias and bullying.

In 2016, we published our landmark report “Classroom Subjected”, highlighting the bullying against Hindu American students. The results underscored the challenges young Hindu Americans face in their classrooms. Half of respondents said they felt awkward and socially isolated because of their religious identity, while one-third said they had been bullied for being Hindu. The report was used by federal, state, and local agencies as a recommended resource, and received endorsements from a gamut of community, interfaith, and political leaders.

Over the last few months, anti-Hindu sentiment has spiked, prompting HAF to gather more data on the prevalence of anti-Hindu bullying in classrooms. This is why I’m appealing to you as parents to make sure your children take HAF’s second nationwide survey on bullying.

Survey data will be collected until March 1, 2018. Some participants may be contacted for a follow up anonymous interview.