Fijian Ambassador Responds to HAF Human Rights Report

The following email was received on April 30, 2009:

Dear M[s] Chowdhury,

Thank you for your letter of April 28th 2009 and for the copy of your fifth annual Hindu human rights report: "Hindus is South Asia and the Diaspora - A Survry of Human Rights (2008)" together with other material. It makes very interesting reading and I congratulate the HAF on the high quality of the contents.  
The report noted that there has been a decline in anti-Hindu incidents. The Fiji Government is continuing to make strong efforts to eliminate all forms of discrimination., To fully accomplish this, it has been deemed necessary to abrogate the constitution in order to establish a fairer, non-racial, egalitarian and inclusive constitution that provides for equal voting rights for all citizens. The process is still on-going but will produce a more democratic constitution as a result.  

With kind regards,  

Winston Thompson
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