The Hindu American Internship

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The Hindu American Congressional and Advocacy Internship is a unique opportunity for select undergraduate and graduate students to spend eight exciting weeks this summer working in our nation’s capital. HAF offers two tracks for the internship: Congressional Intern Track and Advocacy Intern Track. All interns will be invited to events organized by HAF, such as DC Advocacy Forum, Friday lunches, and sponsored briefings. Click below to learn more.

  • Congressional Track
    • This track is geared towards applicants who are primarily interested in representing the Hindu American community by working in a Congressional office. Selected applicants will work with HAF to secure an internship spot in a Congressional office and will intern full-time in the Congressional office for the eight weeks. Interns will work on projects based on the needs of the Congressional office. Congressional Interns will join HAF for various events to ensure they also receive a solid understanding of Hindu American advocacy.

      Internships in Congressional offices are highly coveted, and the process to obtain an internship is rigorously competitive. HAF’s ability to offer intern positions in Congressional offices is due solely to the relationships the foundation has built with Congress over the past decade. HAF is a non-partisan organization that works with both sides of the aisle, and thus, is unable to honor office placement requests on a partisan basis. Though not always the case, interns are often placed in offices that represent their home state.

      This track is open to all majors although government, public policy, and international/foreign relations majors are highly encouraged to apply. Rising juniors and seniors will be given preference. Click here to apply.
  • Advocacy Track
    • This track is geared towards applicants who are interested immersion in the full scope of Hindu American advocacy. Interns will spend their summer working alongside HAF staff members on any number of ongoing initiatives from public policy to fundraising and development to marketing to accounting to human rights. Past interns have participated in meetings with Congressional offices, attended relevant Congressional hearings and briefings, researched human rights violations, developed creative material for policy meetings, and created membership surveys. The world of advocacy is fast-paced and ever-changing. Interns must be flexible and willing to tackle issues and projects as they arise.

      This track is open to all majors although religion, accounting, and marketing majors and graduate students in South Asian Studies are highly encouraged to apply. Applicants experienced with graphic design and proficiency in Photoshop and InDesign are also encouraged to apply. Click here to apply.

Application Process Overview

  Congressional Track Advocacy Track
Application Deadline January 14 January 14
Round 1 Interview Notification January 21 February 4
Round 2 Interview Notification January 28 By February 11
Decision Notification February 6 February 20
Applicant Accept Deadline February 17 March 3


How to Apply

This application has multiple components, all of which are listed below. Components 1-3 are part of on the online application, which can be completed by clicking the links below. Components 4 and 5 must be emailed to

  1. Essays - Used to evaluate your understanding of HAF’s work and your interest in interning through a Hindu American program.
    1. Both Tracks (500 words or less) - What is something you wished people knew about Hinduism? Explain why.
    2. Advocacy Track Only (300 words or less) - HAF advocates on a number of fronts. Some examples include: highlighting Hindu human rights worldwide, launching its Take Back Yoga campaign, improving how public schools teach about Hinduism, and upholding the separation of church and state. Of the four examples listed above, select one and explain why that area of work sparks your interest. Be specific in citing examples of HAF’s work. Over the course of this internship, what more do you hope to learn about this area of HAF’s work? What more can be done in this area?
    3. Congressional Track Only (300 words or less) - Imagine that you have the opportunity to write a bill to solve a problem in the Hindu-American community. Write a policy proposal briefly detailing the problem and the policy solution you believe would most effectively address this. Make sure to acknowledge/address counterarguments and/or implementation problems. The proposal can be directed toward any level of government, local, state, or federal.
  2. Statement of Interest (200 words or less) - Why are you interested in interning with HAF?
  3. Resume - Your resume must include your GPA, prior work experience, as well as any extracurricular activities, on- and/or off-campus.
  4. Official Transcript from your Registrar's Office - Email to or sealed and mail to Hindu American Foundation - Internship, 910 17th St. NW, Suite 316A, Washington, DC 20006.
  5. Letter of Recommendation - Submit one letter of recommendation written by an individual who is in a position to comment on your leadership skills. This individual may NOT be a family member. Please provide the recommender with this template. Recommender must email letter to with subject line Recommendation.

Minimum Requirements & Qualifications

  • U.S. Citizen or U.S. Permanent Resident
  • At least 18 years old
  • Minimum 3.2 GPA
  • Enrolled in good standing at an accredited university or college
  • Strong interest in Hindu American advocacy
  • Solid knowledge base of Hinduism and its practice
  • Strong organizational skills with ability to multi-task
  • Outstanding networking skills and strong team player
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal