HAF Addresses False Allegations in Metro News

On February 6, 2006, San Francisco publication Metroactive printed an article entitled  Battling the Past: Indian parents and scholars go to war over how Hindu history is taught in California schools”. The article discussed HAF's involvement in the representation of Hinduism in California textbooks.

Dear Editor,

RE: “Battling the Past: Indian parents and scholars go to war over how Hindu history is taught in California schools”

In an otherwise fair article, your report contained false allegations about the Hindu American Foundation (HAF). Since forming in 2003, our group has worked tirelessly to promote the human rights of Hindus where they are minorities and for freedom of religion and pluralism in this country.

Our success in promoting understanding, tolerance and pluralism has been recognized by Congressmen, federal and state government offices and agencies, the media, other human rights groups, organizations from other ideologies, academics and the community at large.

We filed the 1st ever amicus brief on behalf of Hindu Americans in the Texas 10 Commandments case before the U.S. Supreme Court last year. We have also cosigned several other amicus briefs as a part of the non-partisan, interfaith Coalition for the Free Exercise of Religion.

We have condemned fraudulent conversion by evangelists, terrorist attacks by Islamists and caste discrimination by Hindus because we do not believe any community is above blame for human rights abuses. Last year, we released the 1st ever report on the human rights of Hindus in South Asia which has been referenced by human rights groups and government commissions.

The allegations made about our group having a “sinister agenda” and being “phony” belie what we are doing and are part of the general Hinduphobia that we are trying to combat.

We seek to work with people of diverse background who share our goal of promoting understanding, tolerance and pluralism.


Mihir Meghani, M.D.
President, Hindu American Foundation