Temporary Restraining Order to Halt Printing of Sixth Grade History Textbooks Denied


SACRAMENTO, Ca (Mar. 22, 2006) – A motion for a temporary restraining order staying the California State Board of Education’s (SBE) March 8, 2006 approval of the February 27th SBE staff recommendations was denied in California Superior Court in Sacramento on March 21, 2006. A temporary restraining order would have preserved the status quo and halted the printing of any of the textbooks until the court has considered the merits of the complaint in a hearing scheduled for April 21, 2006. The motion was denied, without a judgment on the merits of the complaint, based on a declaration submitted by California State Board of Education (SBE) lawyers that printing had not yet commenced and would not until mid-May.

“Because today’s denial is not based on the merits of our case, we are not at all troubled by it. Based on a declaration provided by the SBE today, printing of the textbooks has supposedly not begun,” stated Suhag Shukla, Esq., Legal Counsel for HAF, “However, we find it curious that the president of the SBE during the March 8th meeting, modified the motion to approve the February 27th SBE recommendations by stating that any publishers who had already begun publishing be relieved of the obligation to make the edits being approved. Her statement seems at odds with the declaration made today, but considering the haphazard approach of the SBE to all of this, such inconsistency is no surprise,” she continued.