HAF Confirms Changes Made by Publishers during Proclamation 2015 Public Process

Houston, TX (November 4, 2015) - Since the Texas State Board of Education’s landmark vote last November on social studies textbooks, most of which dramatically improved the way Hinduism has been depicted, the Hindu American Foundation (HAF) has worked to ensure that publishers of the textbooks made the necessary changes.

HAF reached out to the publishers it had contacted during the public comment period to confirm that they had made the changes which they had pledged. The proposed changes can be found here.

The publishers confirmed these changes to HAF’s Director of Education, Murali Balaji. In addition, Balaji has worked with other publishers who submitted Texas editions to improve upon their versions. While the changes made over the last year are significant, Balaji said more needs to be done.

“This is an important and critical first step, but it is still just a first step,” he said. “We will continue to work with publishers, academics, and educators to ensure that instructional materials in Texas and around the country are vetted for both accuracy and cultural sensitivity, which are not mutually exclusive.”

For a full list of HAF’s involvement in Texas, click here.