HAF Distributes $6,000 in Grants to Bhutanese American Hindu Community

June 26, 2014
Namaste HAF Members -
Thanks to your generosity, the Hindu American Foundation successfully raised $8,000 for the Bhutanese American Project earlier this year. After reviewing a number of grant applications, we are now ready to distribute $6,000 to Bhutanese-led projects that will promote and foster their culture, religion, and traditions. The remaining $2,000 will be used to support advocacy efforts, such as Congressional briefings and community awareness building initiatives, on behalf of Bhutanese American Hindus.
Your support directly impacts and improves the lives of the resettled Bhutanese American Hindu community here in the US. The following eight organizations will receive grants ranging from $250 - $1000 to help further their stated goals:
  • Unity Creation - Seattle Hindu Sakha: $250 for the purchase of Hindu religious books from Nepal to distribute amongst community members in order to help strengthen their understanding of Hinduism.
  • Bhutanese Community in California: $1,000 for the annual Durga Puja event to promote Hindu cultural and religious traditions.
  • Bhutanese Community of New Hampshire: $500 for use towards the week-long Purana event to uphold the community's religion and values, help prevent conversions, and bring peace of mind to community members.
  • Bhutanese Community of Cincinnati: $850 for the purchase of religious books and a Durga murti to help the community maintain its strong Hindu faith.
  • Hindu Sanatan Parishad of Michigan: $900 for the cost of the hall rental and sound system to help the community organize the Purana celebration.
  • Bhutan Vedic Sewa Samiti America: $500 for the provision of yoga classes, in order to help address diabetes within the community.
  • Organization of Bhutanese Society (Dallas Fort Worth): $1,000 for the purchase of musical instruments (2 sets of Harmoniums and Tablas) to provide classical music classes.
  • Bhutanese Community Organization of Minnesota: $1,000 for rent for 10 weeks of weekly youth cultural connection classes.
We have requested each of the above organizations to provide regular updates as they move forward with these projects. And of course, we will keep you abreast of their progress so that you may see the impact your donation has on the lives of Bhutanese Hindus in America.
Thank you,
The HAF Team