HAF Education Involvement: Virginia

HAF’s involvement in statewide curriculum reform in Virginia dates back to 2008, when it submitted public comment regarding the state’s curriculum frameworks.

In 2014, the Virginia Department of Education began a process of updating its history and social science content standards. HAF was involved since the beginning of that process, working with academics from around the country to propose language that was both historically accurate and culturally competent. HAF also testified at several Board of Education meetings.

In 2015, following the Board’s adoption of improved content standards, HAF met with Virginia Department of Education staff, communicated with Hindu community members about the state’s proposed curriculum frameworks, and submitted public comments for improving the language in the frameworks. Community members, including longtime Hindu leaders, also submitted their testimony in favor of changing langauge to reflect historical accuracy and cultural competency. A group of academics also submitted testimony that echoed HAF’s concerns about inaccuracies in the frameworks language.

On January 28, 2016, the Board of Education voted to adopt the revised curriculum frameworks, with the input of HAF, academics, and community members incorporated. For a detailed list of HAF’s involvement, including its submissions on the 2014-15 standards and frameworks revision processes, see below: