HAF Expresses Concern over Alleged Hate Attack, Condoles Death of Satendar Singh

Washington DC (July 09, 2007) -  Satendar Singh, a 26 year old Indo-Fijian was allegedly attacked by members of a Russian-speaking group at the Lake Natoma State Park near Sacramento. He died Thursday, July 5, of injuries suffered to the head. The suspects, who are have still not been apprehended, allegedly made homophobic remarks and hurled racial slurs. One of the men punched Satendar Singh, who fell and hit his head. Singh He died four days later from head trauma.

"It is a tragedy that this young man was targeted in what clearly seems to be a hate crime, and we should all condemn such acts of racial bigotry and violence," said Sudarshan Khandige, Working Group member of the Hindu American Foundation. "If it is indeed true that a group of Russian- speaking men and women attacked this young man of Indo-Fijian descent, this signifies that there is an urgent need for acculturation of new minorities into the American cultural ethos of openness, freedom, and acceptance. The promising life of this young Indo-Fijianman has been cut short by a senseless and mindless act of violence, and we condole the death of Satendar Singh."