HAF Replies to Mishra's NY Times Op-Ed, "Games India isn't ready to play"

Washington, D.C. (October 3, 2010) - The Hindu American Foundation submitted the following Letter to the Editor to the New York Times in response to Pankaj Mishra's piece, "Games India isn't ready to play."  The LTE was not published.
Dear Editor,
I read the latest ("Games India isn't ready to play," October 2, 2010) in the long series of op-eds that Pankaj Mishra has been contributing to The New York Times.  It seems it is always the season for Mr. Mishra to find fault with and berate Indians on every kind of imaginable sin and crime.  In this latest, vicious "attack piece" he has nothing to commend Indians about and everything to blame them for, as usual.  He almost hopes that the violence that the Maoists have unleashed in parts of India will engulf the whole country; he lies about Kashmir being occupied by the Indian army, because the 700,000 soldiers don't get out of their barracks unless they are specially ordered to, and it is only local police who have done most of the battle on the streets with hired stone-throwers funded by the mullahs and the militants from across the border; he glibly ignores the details of the Ayodhya verdict to make it seem that Muslims are the losers.  This essay would be considered racist, colonial bilge if not for the fact that it is written by a deracinated, smug, mediocrity.  May be it is racist, colonial bilge for Mishra has few readers in India, and he is generously pampered by the West.
Ramesh Rao, Ph.D.
Human Rights Coordinator
Hindu American Foundation