HAF writes to Star Tribune about Christian Yoga

Minneapolis, MN (June 6, 2011) - The Hindu American Foundation submitted the following Letter to the Editor to the Star Tribune.  The letter was not published.
Dear Editor,
Jeff Strickler’s article, Enlightened and limber: Exercising with the Bible on “Christian-yoga” ignores the irony of the misappropriation yoga. Yoga is not just “”exercise, breathing, and meditation,” but a spiritual path in which core Hindu precepts and practice are inextricably intertwined. Indeed, Non-Hindus can practice and benefit from yoga without converting to Hinduism because the faith is non-proselytizing, but Hindu scriptures are very clear that the ultimate goal of yoga is samadhi or moksha (enlightenment), a state of consciousness in which one becomes united or one with the Supreme Consciousness. Yoga’s goal is not heaven nor salvation.
Holy Yoga’s kind of misappropriation delinks yoga from Hinduism and is precisely what the Hindu American Foundation’s Take Back Yoga campaign seeks to call out. Call this combo of exercise and the Bible “yoga-inspired,” but calling it yoga is akin to trying to pass off sparkling apple cider for champagne.