Healthy School Meals Today - No Disease Tomorrow

Thanks to HAF members and supporters, some 1500 letters were sent to various elected representatives of the U.S. Congress expressing support for House Resolution 4870 - Healthy School Meals Act.  This is just the first phase.  Visit this section from time to time for updates on next steps and HAF's continued advocacy efforts in this realm.
The Hindu American Foundation, in partnership with Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and the Federation of Jain Associations in North America, recently began its Healthy School Meals Today - No Disease Tomorrow campaign.  The campaign is working to gain support for H.R. 4870 - Healthy School Meals Act.  H.R. 4870 aims to improve children’s eating patterns by encouraging the inclusion of healthful plant-based options in the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs. This legislation would introduce plant-based foods to schools, increase the availability and affordability of these foods, and provide incentives for schools to provide daily plant-based options.
Problems with weight and health have become epidemic in the United States with one in three kids being overweight and an alarming one in five already having cholesterol problems.  Some groups are especially at risk.  For those of South Asian descent, a predisposition to insulin resistance, adoption of a western diet compounded by increasingly sedentary lifestyles have lead to weight gain, higher prevalence of diabetes, and coronary arterial disease.
Despite overwhelming medical research, the reality is that schools are facing economic challenges in providing healthful foods. However, a strong federal investment in good food for children will pay off for many years to come.  To reduce calories and saturated fat in school meals, schools need to include plant-based foods as well as non-dairy milk in their regular meal service and H.R. 4870 makes this possible.
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