Hindu American Foundation Expresses Sadness Over the Death of Pope John Paul II

DATE: April 2, 2005

The Hindu American Foundation expresses sadness over the death of Pope John Paul II, head of the Roman Catholic Church. In an age of declining spirituality, the Pope was a beacon of piety not only to Catholics but to people of all faiths across the globe. During his papal reign, he inspired many to commit their lives to social service by providing education and healthcare to the underprivileged.

"The Pope was a man of true peace and justice," said Pawan Deshpande, member of the Hindu American Foundation Executive Council. "His strong commitment to human rights, democracy and interreligious dialogue will not be forgotten." In Colombo, Sri Lanka, on January 21, 1995, Pope John Paul II stated, "The Catholic Church has been fully committed to pursuing the path of dialogue and cooperation with the members of other religions. Interreligious dialogue is a precious means by which the followers of the various religions discover shared points of contact in the spiritual life, while acknowledging the differences which exist between them."

HAF hopes that those inspired by Pope John Paul II's legacy will heed his call for interfaith dialogue and cooperation in order to create a more peaceful, just, tolerant, pluralistic, and equitable world.