Hindu American Foundation Responds to Alleged Anti-Semitic Sign on Indian Train

FREMONT, CA (February 2, 2007): The Hindu American Foundation (HAF) was recently notified of a story by an individual who claimed that during her trip to India she saw a security sign on a public train from Goa to Mumbai that advised passengers against taking eatables from strangers because they could be drugged. The cartoon image with the sign featured two religious Jews reading the Torah. Although the Foundation has not been able to verify the authenticity of this claim and cannot comment on the specific incident further, if this incident is true, HAF urges the appropriate authorities in India to immediately remove the sign, investigate how this came to be, and appropriately charge the perpetrators.

The Foundation reiterates a prior statement of the Israeli Consulate in India that India is the only country without a history of anti-Semitism and reaffirms that Hinduism believes in pluralism and tolerance, as inspired by an ancient Vedic hymn, “Truth is One, the Wise Call it by Various Names” and has no basis of anti-Semitism.

The Foundation affirms the strong ties between Jews and Hindus over thousands of years, from the time Hindus on India’s west coast gave refuge to Jews after the Romans destroyed the holiest temple for Jews, to current times, when Israeli tourists are welcomed like all other tourists without the fear of anti-Semitism or terrorism that Jews face in many other nations. The Foundation also affirms the close and vibrant relations between Hindus and Jews in India and America, and the growing ties between India and Israel, and members of the Indian and Jewish diaspora worldwide.

The Foundation stands strong against any form of hatred, discrimination and intolerance, and seeks to build relationships with other communities and organizations by promoting the ideals of understanding, tolerance and pluralism. HAF will continue to work with Jewish groups and officials in the Indian government to resolve this issue.

The Hindu American Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3), non-partisan organization, promoting the Hindu and American ideals of understanding, tolerance and pluralism.