The Hindu American Internship: FAQs

What are the internship dates?
Mid-June to early August. Dates are finalized in the early spring of each year.

Is the HAF internship paid?
Interns receive a $1000 stipend to cover living and travel expenses.

Is housing included?
Yes! HAF provides housing for the entire duration of the internship. All interns will live at the same site.

How many interns does HAF accept?
Between 8 to 10 interns.

Do congressional interns have more interviews?
Yes. After HAF selects you for our program, you will then be interviewed by congressional office staff and may be asked to provide additional materials.

I’m a congressional intern. Will I get to work on HAF projects?
Yes. You will be asked to attend various events and provide input on projects that interest you.

What do interns do for fun?
Many evenings and weekends are for you to get out and explore Washington, DC. In past years, HAF has organized nights at Nationals baseball games and film screenings. Each cohort has also found its own set of activities such as Jazz in the Sculpture Garden, monument hopping at night, and exploring the National Zoo. Lastly, we give you insider tips to our personal favorite spots around town, from restaurants to museums to outdoor adventures.