Hindu American Internship: Thoughts from Intern Alumni

Summer 2018 Class

The HAF internship allows students to engage with the Hindu American community and make actual change. Interns also get to explore DC, which is full of activities and sights to see. Most things to do in DC are free, which is a savior on a student budget! - Roshni Koul, Summer 2018

Through my internship with the Hindu American Foundation, I have developed a stronger understanding of how to be an advocate for causes that I believe in. I have connected with my faith in a way that merges my Hindu identity and my passion for public service, and for that I will always be grateful. - Manisha Sunil, Summer 2018

The HAF internship exposed me to a community of people with similar faith backgrounds and similar interests, but were able to share a wide range of interesting experiences, resulting in some of the most meaningful friendships and connections I've made. - Kushal Modi, Summer 2018

The internship was an incredible opportunity for me to better understand the inner workings of the US government and opened my eyes to the diverse field of work that Hindu Americans were taking up in DC. I fell in love with how dynamic and vibrant DC was that summer and I knew I had to make my way back there after college. - Meera Pranav, Summer 2012