$13 Funds a Health Clinic to Treat Hindu Refugees for One Day

Namaste -

HAF is pleased to announce the launch of the Medical Seva & Health Initiative: Serving Pakistani Hindu Refugees, in partnership with the Sindhi American community and Universal Just Action Society.

This Initiative aims to provide at least $16,000 annually to protect and maintain the physical and mental health of 3,000 Pakistani Hindus living in refugee camps in and around Jodhpur, India. The refugees suffer from a wide range of health conditions including high incidence of respiratory disease, hypertension, malnutrition, lifestyle disorders, and infectious diseases.

They desperately need our help. And we need your support.

Phase One: Establishing a Health Clinic for $13/Day

As the first of four phases, we need your support to establish a physical health clinic that the refugees can freely access. This week, we need to raise $4,800 to cover the health clinic’s rent + utilities for the first year.

That’s only $400 per month, or $13 per day. Whether you can cover a few days, a full month, or the entire year, every donation counts.

Please donate online today and be sure to select "Medical Seva: Serving Pakistani Hindu Refugees" as your special purpose designation before hitting the donate button.

The Good News...

Our partners on the ground in Jodhpur have already found a space for the health clinic. And a generous donor has already committed $1,000 to cover start-up costs for the health clinic, including basic medical equipment.

Brief Background

By now, you are most likely familiar with the plight of Pakistan’s Hindu population. Thousands have fled Pakistan for the safety of India, but are languishing in dire conditions in refugee camps as they wait for some type of official or legal status in India.

In January 2013, HAF physicians spent two weeks providing free medical services to over 400 refugees in three different camps. Since then, we have helped in providing the refugees with tents, blankets, and solar lamps.

Learn More about the Medical Seva & Health Initiative

To learn more about the refugees and this important initiative, please click here.