New York Times Publishes HAF's Letter to Editor: Set Precondition for American Aid to Pakistan

New York, NY (August 4, 2011) - The New York Times published the Letter to the Editor submitted by HAF in response to a July 29th Op-Ed on aid to Pakistan. Click here to read the letter at
To the Editor:
"Holding Pakistan to Account” (editorial, July 29) inexplicably advocates the continued provision of military aid to Pakistan, despite the futility in dealing with Pakistan’s duplicitous military establishment.
At a time when we are facing a debt crisis here at home, we can ill afford to continue funneling $2 billion a year in military assistance to a country that provides refuge and support to militant groups attacking American soldiers in the region, and fails to protect the fundamental human rights of its oppressed minorities, including Hindus, Christians and Ahmadis.
Unfortunately, even civilian aid to Pakistan is misused, including money intended for the education system, which ends up financing government textbooks and curriculums that promote hatred toward religious minorities and the West.
Therefore, any appropriations for Pakistan, whether military or civilian, must be subject to strict preconditions, and the Pakistani government and military must be held accountable for their actions.
Samir Kalra
Hindu American Foundation