HAF Responds to San Jose Mercury's "Bay Area Can Help Seek Justice in India Massacres"

November 3, 2009 - HAF submitted the following Letter to the Editor to the San Jose Mercury.  The LTE was not published.
Jaskaran Kaur is right that lawlessness has no place in India (Opinion: Bay Area can help seek justice in India massacres, November 3, 2009). While Hindus and Sikhs mercifully live in harmony again after the end of Sikh separatism (a Sikh is the Prime Minister of India, in fact), prosecuting the “secular” Congress Party apparatchiks who participated in the 1984 anti-Sikh pogrom is a matter of justice. This legitimate Sikh concern, however, has nothing to do with the textbook selection process in California. If Hindus, as taxpayers, parents, and citizens, feel that textbooks are inaccurate, we have every right to participate in their editing and selection. For Ms. Kaur to conflate our participation in the education of our children to extremism is wrong-headed and disingenuous.