HAF understands the importance of working with the media to ensure fair, accurate and balanced coverage of Hinduism. As the Foundation has attended various media workshops over the years, it has developed relationships with journalists and reporters to provide them with a professional Hindu body to use as a resource. Furthermore, HAF closely monitors media coverage of Hindus and Hinduism, and consistently responds to inaccurate and biased coverage.

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Religion Dispatches

03/27/2015 - A Debate Rages in India Over Conversion, Secularism, and "Spiritual Violence"
05/23/2014 - Bobby Jindal Hypes his Christian Cred at Liberty U.
05/18/2014 - India's Election and the "Doniger Affair"
04/22/2014 - Speaking for Hinduism in the Absence of a Conversation

Swarajya Magazine

09/11/2015 - Vegetarianism: A Reasoned Argument India Can Take to the World
09/03/2015 - The Illiberal Left: An Anatomy of the Petition
07/04/2015 - A Hindu Approach to LGBT Rights
06/18/2015 - "Swarajya" for Hindu Temples
06/14/2015 - Where is Modi's "Cultural" Agenda?
04/18/2015 - Western Media's False Conclusions on Indian Criminality
01/14/2015 - Dubious Evangelism Makes "Ghar Whapsi" Pale in Comparison 


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