Hindus in South Asia & The Diaspora: A Survey of Human Rights, 2013

HAF's tenth annual Hindu Human Rights Report examines the challenges facing Hindus and other similarly situated minorities in 10 countries/regions around the world within the context of domestic legal frameworks and international human rights law. It further highlights the Foundation’s on the ground fact-finding missions and direct relief projects with refugee populations. The report is organized based on the severity of a country/region’s human rights record, with the most severe labeled as Egregious Violators, including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Pakistan. The next level of countries/regions are designated as Countries of Serious Concern, and comprise Bhutan, the Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir, and Sri Lanka, and the final category of Monitored Countries includes Fiji, Saudi Arabia, and Trinidad and Tobago.

Release Date: May 22, 2014
Executive Summary:   Download the pdf here