Hinduism 101: The Big Questions: How?


This module covers the core concept of Dharma - a mode of conduct and being that helps people advance spiritually. Through this module students should understand what dharma is, how an individual understands what their dharma is in any given situation, and how this concept connects to Karma, Samsara, and Moksha.

Yoga - Paths to Moksha

In Hinduism, there are four main paths by which a follower can reach moksha, or liberation. These paths are bhakti, the path of devotion; gnana, the path of knowledge; karma, the path of selfless service; and raja, the royal path of meditation.

Ashramas - Life Stages

According to Hindu teachings, every individual goes through four life stages. Learn about them and responsibilities entailed in each in this module.

How Hindus Worship

Learn about daily rituals, holidays and festivals, and pilgrimages that constitute the core of Hindu religo-spiritual life. With this module, students will better understand the various facets of Hindu practice.


This module covers the robust history and role of scientific inquiry and discovery in Hinduism. Through this module, students should understand Hinduism's acceptance of scientific inquiry, as well as the scientific contributions Hindu civilization has made through history.

Holy Days & Festivals

This module gives a glimpse into the celebratory aspects of lived Hinduism. Students will be introduced to some of the ways in which Hindus commemorate special days.

The following modules will be coming soon:

  • Sacraments