Take Back Yoga: Bringing to Light Yoga's Hindu Roots

Yoga Beyond Asana: Hindu Thought in Practice

As the multi-billion dollar yoga industry continues to grow with studios becoming as prevalent as Starbucks and $120 yoga pants, the mass commercialization of this ancient practice, rooted in Hindu thought, has become concerning.  With proliferation of new forms of "yoga," the underlying meaning, philosophy, and purpose of yoga are being lost.  Take Back Yoga aims to bring to light yoga as a life-long practice dedicated to achieving moksha, or liberation/union with God.  Please click here to read Yoga Beyond Asana: Hindu Thought in Practice.  

The History of Take Back Yoga

In 2008, the Hindu American Foundation launched the Take Back Yoga campaign after a concerning exchange with the popular magazine, Yoga Journal.  In a letter to Yoga Journal, HAF noted its disappointment at finding countless descriptions of the Upanishads or Gita as "ancient Indian" or "yogic", but rarely "Hindu."  Shortly after being told by Yoga Journal that they avoid the word "Hinduism"  because it "carries too much baggage," the HAF released its first edition of its paper, Yoga Beyond Asana: Hindu Thought in Practice. 

Media Coverage of Take Back Yoga

November 20, 2014 - Al Jazeera, Who Owns Yoga? (documentary)
November 19, 2014 - Al Jazeera (The Stream): Finding Balance (video not available for US viewers)
January 23, 2011, CNN, What is Yoga?  

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