Call for Grant Applications: Gummakonda Reddy Bhutanese American Grant Program

Application Deadline: May 14, 2018

Grant Description

The Hindu American Foundation is pleased to announce the release of its 2018 application process for the Gummakonda Reddy Bhutanese American Grant Program. This grant program is specifically intended to support Bhutanese Hindus working towards maintaining their religion, culture, and traditions through their resettlement in America.

Through this program, a total of $15,000 is available for multiple grants that will directly benefit the Bhutanese Hindu community throughout the country. Eligible projects or programs initiated and led by Bhutanese Hindu community members will receive priority for grant awards, though other groups that provide services to the Bhutanese community will also be considered.

Eligible Grant Applications

The Gummakonda Reddy Bhutanese American Grant Program seeks to provide grants in the areas of community development, social services, health, education, and youth activities, among others. Examples of projects or programs that would qualify for this grant program include, but are not limited to:

  • Procuring a space for religious gatherings and social services
  • Providing supplemental classes/tutoring services for youth and adults (e.g., citizenship and civic classes, English courses, or SAT preparation classes)
  • Setting up the infrastructure for the provision of ongoing medical services or wellness programs
  • Creating pro-bono legal service programs
  • Job and skills training programs
  • Transportation to Hindu temples and other cultural institutions
  • Youth mentorship programs and field trips
  • Youth summer camps aimed at preserving and teaching Bhutanese culture and Hinduism

Budget Guidlines

This is a one year grant. Grants will be provided, however, with recipients’ commitment to continue seeking other grant opportunities and become self-sustainable within a period of one to two years. 

Funding must benefit multiple community members and may not be used for direct salary support or any one individual’s personal expenditures.

Review & Notification Process

Grant proposals will be evaluated based on multiple factors, including scope and objectives of the project, feasibility, estimated number of community members the project will benefit, and community needs.

All reviews will occur over a one (1) month period. All applicants will be informed by email of the final decision. Applicants whose grants are accepted will be notified of reporting requirements.

Application Process

To apply, please submit the following information:

  1. Applicant Organizational Information
    1. Organization Name
    2. Address
    3. Website (if any)
    4. Contact Person
    5. 501(c)(3) Status? If so, please provide IRS Tax ID Number
  2. Total Organizational Budget
  3. Summary of Organization’s Mission
  4. Brief Description of Organization
  5. Grant Amount Requested
  6. Other Sources of Funding for Project
  7. Proposal Narrative
    1. Proposal Summary (500 words or less)
    2. Purpose of Grant
      1. Background on local Bhutanese community to be served
      2. Issue(s) to be addressed
      3. Goals and objectives
      4. Project benefits
      5. Evaluation criteria
    3. Project/Program Time Frame
  8. Any Additional Information

Please email a copy of your application as a single PDF to by May 14, 2018. Please direct any inquiries to the same address.