Celebrate Hindu Awareness & Appreciation Month This October in California

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This October, celebrate your heritage with your fellow Californians as we commemorate Hindu American Awareness and Appreciation Month. Use this unique opportunity to educate others on your identity, culture, and beliefs. Learn more about upcoming events, resources on Hinduism, and ways to get involved.

"California is home to a thriving community of over 370,000 Hindu Americans that enrich our state’s diversity and professional assets in fields as diverse as academia, science, technology, business, arts and literature...”
- CA Senate Majority Leader Ellen Corbett

The Significance

Hindu Awareness & Appreciation Month:
  1. Recognizes contributions of Hindu culture and spirituality to American life;
  2. Allows our children to feel proud of their Hindu identity as Americans;
  3. Allows the broader American society to understand and appreciate Hindu Americans and Hindu beliefs;
  4. Promotes diversity and pluralism in California.

California Senate Concurrent Resolution 32

In a historic moment for Hindu Americans on June 24, 2013, the California State Senate unanimously passed Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR) 32: California Hindu American Awareness and Appreciation Month. Working closely with HAF, SCR 32 was introduced by State Senate Majority Leader, Ellen Corbett (10th Senate District), to designate October 2013 as California Hindu American and Appreciation Month, “recogniz[ing] and acknowledg[ing] the significant contributions made by Californians of Hindu heritage to the state.” The resolution later passed the Assembly on August 5 and was officially chaptered by the Secretary of State on August 29, 2013.

Highlights from SCR 32 (Click here to read the entire resolution)

"Hindu Americans have helped promote the shared American ideals of tolerance, pluralism, and religious freedom...and the Vedas, the 5000 year old texts of Hindu Americans, provide the basis for these core principles: ‘Truth is one, the wise call it by many names’ [Ekam sat viprah bahudha vadanti]”
"Hindu Americans believe in promoting knowledge and education for all and as a group have the highest education rate in the nation...Almost three-quarters of Hindu Americans are college graduates and nearly half of Hindu Americans have postgraduate degrees...”
"Ahimsa, which is the Sanskrit word for noninjury or nonviolence, is a central principle for Hindu Americans in California, and it provides the ethical foundation for vegetarianism, environmentalism, and harmonious living”
"Hindu Americans and the Vedanta philosophy have significantly influenced notable American intellectuals...”
"The first Hindu temple in the United States was built in San Francisco, California, and at the dedication of the temple on January 7, 1906, it was proclaimed to be the ‘First Hindu Temple in the whole Western World’”
"There are now over 50 Hindu temples throughout California, and the San Francisco Bay Area is home to over 20 Hindu temples”