New Report Exposes Controversial Links of Radical Anti-India Coalition

Washington, D.C. (December 15, 2013)After a recent effort to promote an anti-India resolution, H.Res.417, on Capitol Hill and a series of attacks against the Hindu American Foundation (HAF) by activists operating under the banner of an internet portal, the Coalition Against Genocide (CAG), HAF today released a comprehensive report entitled, Coalition Against Genocide: A Nexus of Hinduphobia Unveiled.  The report concludes that CAG is an unregistered group primarily composed of defunct or unregistered entities, many sharing the same leadership and IP addresses for their websites, whose focus is to malign Hindu advocacy groups while promoting radical revolution in India along narrow ideological grounds.
“After conducting basic research on the groups and leaders that compose the Coalition Against Genocide, we found that the public had to be educated about who they really are - radical extremists” said Samir Kalra, HAF’s Director and Senior Fellow for Human Rights, “Our report deconstructs CAG, its main characters and reveals a pattern of consistent peddling focused on discrediting Hindu groups even while it espouses a radical, violent and confrontational agenda built on a revolutionary, Marxist paradigm.”
The HAF report surveys the history of CAG activism dating back to 2005, when CAG constituents opposed efforts of Hindu Americans to correct deeply flawed textbooks in California, to the most recent introduction of a resolution in the House of Representatives deeply critical of India after one of its constituent groups hired a well known lobbying firm.  
HAF’s study found that several CAG leaders are self-described radicals and Marxists, even serving as apologists for Maoist violence considered one of India’s most serious existential threats, Kalra added.  The report also details how key spokespersons for CAG do nothing to conceal ties to openly Islamist and jehadi terror groups, even those banned by the Government of India.

“For too long, CAG has pushed an agenda that would leave most Americans aghast, while usurping public discourse with a malignant agenda against Hindu Americans,” said Suhag Shukla, Esq., HAF Executive Director and Legal Counsel.  “We can only hope that those exposed to the radical propaganda put forth by CAG leaders can now examine its context and understand the primary motivations of those too committed to shutting out Hindu American voices from the public square.”

The Coalition Against Genocide (CAG): A Nexus of HinduphobiaUnveiled