Take Action: Voice your objection to the Economist's insulting description of Amarnath

Namaste HAF Supporters,
We need you to act now! On July 21, The Economist published an article that referred to the sacred Amarnath Caves as a “penis shaped lump of ice.” The Hindu American Foundation began a dialogue with The Economist, highlighting the poor choice of words and providing an alternate description. Unfortunately, the magazine is unwilling to replace this offensive terminology with a more respectful, less graphic description and publish a retraction.
Today, we need the Hindu American community to express its disapproval and displeasure at The Economist’s poor choice of words. Click here, and in less than one minute, you can send a pre-written letter to The Economist requesting:
Let's come together and ensure that The Economist hears our voice. These types of sensationalist descriptions are unnecessary and disrespectful. Click here to be taken to change.org where you can send a pre-written letter to the magazine’s editor.
Two clicks is all it takes.